There are 4 major aspects of dating.

1. Understanding Female Nature And Behavior

This is covered by the Dating Voyance System. It is the basis of the other three aspects because you must ALWAYS keep it in mind when engaging in ANY dating activities.

2. Beliefs, Confidence, Mentality, Attitudes, Philosophy

This is sometimes referred to as “inner game” and it is what goes on within your mind (i.e. how you THINK) that drives you to take action and apply techniques CORRECTLY. This aspect is CRITICAL and can make or break your game. Below are the most important topics related to it:


  • What is reality?
  • Where do your existing beliefs come from?
  • Timeline re-imprint (“re-programming”)
  • Social conditioning


  • How do you view women? Challenges to conquer or humans to love?
  • Being comfortable around beautiful women
  • Having more women in your life (and not just sexually)
  • Dealing with “I have to have THIS ONE girl” (also known as “one-itis”)


  • Being vs. doing
  • Self-esteem
  • Dealing with negative emotions (fear, embarrassment, disappointment, desperation. Etc.)
  • Prize psychology


  • Detaching yourself from outcome
  • Have fun and being stress-free
  • Being IN the moment
  • Self-fulfillment (e.g. “Will the thrill of sleeping with 10 pretty girls gonna die out quickly?”)


  • Focus and goal of your “game”
  • Secret excuse
  • Ritual
  • Affirmation, visualization

3. Skills, Tricks, Techniques, Routines

This is often called the “outer game”. They’re the specific things that you DO as far as dating is concerned. Naturally, this is the area that most guys are strongly interested in – many even see this as what dating is all about – which can’t be further from the truth.

Outer game alone will not help you achieve dating excellence, because without the strong inner game, techniques would only work TEMPORARILY, if at all. Below are the most critical elements of outer game:


  • Fashion & Grooming
  • Health care
  • Body building

Body Language

  • Read a woman’s body language
  • Demonstrate strong qualities
  • Eye contact


  • What if the dance floor is too loud?
  • A good dancer is cool, fun and attractive


  • Attractive girls tend to flock… extract using some help
  • Get some help from an attractive girl (also known as “pivot”)

Verbal Skills

  • Conversation, flirting
  • Humor
  • Routines (cold reading, storytelling, etc.)
  • Vocal training

Subconscious Influence

  • Set the right tone
  • Frame
  • Repetition
  • State, mood, energy level

Entertainment & Fun

  • Magic
  • Tests
  • Game

Physical Escalation

  • Holding hand
  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • More private area


  • Other men (including her boyfriend)
  • Her girlfriend who gives you a hard time
  • Her objections (voiced or potential)

Damage Control

  • Rectify mistakes
  • Turn it around

Remote Game

  • Telephone
  • Text messaging
  • Email 


  • Logistics
  • Make out
  • Dealing with LMR (Last-Minute Resistance)
  • Love making

4. Dating Progression

Finally, the typical 6 stages of dating that characterize the dating progression.


  • Online dating
  • “Night game” (clubs, bars, etc.)
  • “Day game” (street, bookstores, library, market, gym, yoga class, dance lesson, etc.)
  • Social circles
  • Service-oriented (waitress, strippers, etc.).


Also known as “approach”, “open”, etc. It doesn’t have to be you approaching women. This stage sets the tone of the interaction between a man and a woman often DEFINES the entire relationship. Most skills required at this stage:

  • Winging
  • Body language
  • Subconscious influence
  • Verbal skills


Attraction should be mutual. Generating attraction without showing it may work against you. Women want to feel they’re appreciated and loved for who they’re as human beings (as opposed to sex objects). How to show interest the RIGHT way is very important. Most skills required at this stage:

  • Body language
  • Verbal skills
  • Subconscious
  • Influence
  • Entertainment
  • Physical escalation
  • Obstacle handling


Most women must first trust a guy before getting intimate with him, though the levels of trust required differ from woman to woman. Most skills required at this stage:

  • Verbal skills
  • Rapport building
  • Comfort
  • Entertainment
  • Physical escalation
  • Remote Game
  • Damage Control


This should be straightforward. Some men put more emphasis on this stage because they see this as the “goal”, but the thing is, if you do a good job at previous stages, sex is natural; but if you try to “concentrate” on sex, you’d seldom succeed. Most skills required at this stage:

  • Subconscious influence
  • Body language
  • Verbal skill
  • Sexual skills


  • Depending on what you what, here are the related topics:
  • Maintain and deepen a relationship
  • Multiple long-term relationships
  • Handling breakups
  • Getting back an ex


  • Throughout these stages, the “milestones” are:
  • Woman showing interest
  • Being alone with you (e.g. extraction from her friends)
  • Physical contact
  • Obtaining contact information
  • Going home with you
  • Sex
  • Relationship establishment