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“If You Know Everything Behind Her Every Word
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Seduce The Woman Of Your Dreams?”

Martin Merrill

Dear friend,

If you would like to:

Read any woman like an open book, know exactly what to say and do to attract and date her and NEVER again be puzzled by women’s seemingly illogical behaviors

Understand exactly why certain dating techniques work in certain situations and why “rules” break down. and know exactly which technique to pick and how to modify it to suit any dating situation

Improve your dating skills quickly, steadily, systematically and NEVER again be overwhelmed by the sea of dating knowledge out there that seems to take a lifetime to learn

... then this letter may change your outlook on dating forever, and you’ll benefit tremendously by if you simply read the following information carefully for the next 15 minutes.


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You're about to learn:

  • The 3 broad categories that all men are divided into… You’re in one of these
  • The wrong question that many men, especially beginners at “pick-up”, like to ask
  • The truth about bars & night clubs and why they may not be suitable for YOU
  • What you should do if there are no beautiful women in your social circle
  • What you must know about the first few seconds of meeting a woman… Most men are very wrong about this
  • A few simple techniques to have women approach YOU
  • The truth about “Approach Anxiety” and why you should NOT “force” yourself to get over it
  • The key areas of your verbal and non-verbal communication that sparks attraction
  • The 3 crucial factors you HAVE TO know about women’s view on having sex with you
  • What most educational material DON’T talk about AFTER you sleep with a woman


My name is Martin Merrill and I’ve been helping men from over 80 countries improve their dating skills over the past few years. Although many people consider me as a “dating expert”, I’ve never really see myself as that, and I never wanted to become one professionally.

To be sure, I feel flattered that my students have given me such a good reputation, but I have no intention to become a so-called “dating guru” or “pick-up artist” as I’m frequently labeled as.

You see, I’m really just a regular guy with a regular appearance, a regular job and a regular income, and I still remembered the days when I was clueless about dating years ago — If you’ve ever felt frustrated about dating, I was in your shoes and I know how it feels. It’s easy enough to fall into many traps of dating, get confused and feel like you’re groping in the dark.

In fact, I would have continued to be mediocre at best with women, if it weren’t for...


My Unexpected “Adventure” With
“Picking Up Women”

You see, I studied psychology in college and landed a sales job after graduation, but it turned out that my psychology studies didn’t really help me at selling to people.

At first, I refused to seek any help as I stubbornly believed my own way of working, but after missing my sales target for 4 months in a row, I felt terrible and started to doubt my career decision.

Around that time, a new guy by the name of Samuel Atkinson joined my company. He appeared to be an average guy in every sense but I befriended him anyway. (I knew how it felt to be in a new environment, especially because he just moved from another city.) Anyway, I helped him settling down out of pure courtesy and wasn’t looking for any kind of favor back from him.

Fortunately for me, Sam happened to be somewhat a genius at selling and he offered to pair up with me for a few weeks and brought me along to his client meetings and finally got me up to speed.

The interesting thing was, Sam NEVER followed the “textbooks of selling” and was doing things that I thought to be totally against the “good practices”. In fact, as far as I could tell, he didn’t seem to follow any rules at all.

He did everything out of his “gut feelings” yet he had the amazing ability to always know what a client wanted and how the client wanted to be sold to — He simply observed them and “fed” them what they wanted.

As I found out very soon, Sam also happened to be extremely good with women. Similar to his style of selling, he could always tell what a woman wanted and how she would respond to things.

Later I realized it wasn’t just a coincidence that he was good at selling AND “happened” to be good with women too. He was simply good with people and had an uncanny ability to know exactly what makes them tick.

Anyway, Sam taught me a great deal about selling that I had never learned from any books or tapes; he also guided me at what he “affectionately” called “picking up chicks”.

And you know what the funny part was?

He talked about the two subjects as if they were the same thing. He would ask me to give him disguised “testimonials” when we were together with a woman whom he’d picked, measure her “buying temperature”, “handle potential objections” and then does an “assumptive close”.

Sam told me things that completely contradicted my knowledge of “how things work”. I remember once he told me something along the following lines (I can’t recall the exact words).

 “Martin, you’re taking every word from your prospects and all these women too seriously. You know what’s the first thing I do when my prospects raise an objection? I ignore it. If that comes up again, I brush it off. If it’s really an issue, which is like 20% the time, they would tell me again at least the third time, and then I’ll deal with it. Most people bring things up for no important reason. It’s the same with women. Half the time they don’t know what they want and they bullshit as much as they feel like. If you deal with everything they say, everything becomes an issue and you’d be running in circles. Just let them take care of themselves for you.”

The interesting thing was, whenever I asked him, “Where the hell did you learn all these?” He always told me, “Martin, I know it might sound like I’m guarding my secrets, but I really have no idea. I just know what these people want no matter what they say, and I just do what they wish me to do. I guess you simply have to see through the surface and focus on the real issue.”

As luck would have it, over the past few years, I’ve got to know a few more friends like Sam who can “read women’s mind”. These men have the amazing ability of accurately predicting how a woman would feel and react to what they say and do. They almost always know what women think, what is going on, what to do and what will happen – I call it “dating voyance” (as you can tell, it comes from the word “clairvoyance”).

And they largely rely on this “dating voyance”, never really checking against a plan or “strategy”. All they had was hardly more than their “gut feelings”, yet their gut feelings are so strong and accurate that they often beat the most sophisticated and widely practiced dating “methods”.

They see patterns of female nature and behaviors – enough to be generalized into “systems” – but they don’t call them “systems”. In fact, they rarely consciously organize what they know.

Whenever I get a chance, I would ask them what their secrets were, especially because what these guys had done often made no sense to me.

But they couldn’t tell me, because…


They Were “Clueless” As Well…

I don’t mean they were reluctant to let out their secrets or anything…

They simply didn’t know what I was talking about.

In fact , these guys, or “naturals” (a term I learned later), never really thought they had any secret at all. To them, how to attract and date women is self-evident. Whenever I asked them why they did something which obviously worked, they’d ask me back, “Can’t you tell? She was obviously saying the opposite of she meant!” or “What’s so hard to understand? She obviously wanted me to do that.”

As strange as it may sound, these guys do not really go through any careful consideration before making a move when interacting with women and are most of the time acting on instincts. And they never invented any acronyms, special terms or secret lingo that made dating sound like an esoteric operation. The furthest they had ever gone was to describe things in the context of selling, baseball or football…

But I was determined to dig deeper so I mingled with these naturals all the time.

Fortunately, I was on very good terms with these “naturals” and we joked around all the time, so they weren’t THAT annoyed as I bugged them about everything they did to get the ladies.

I made them share their thoughts with me as often as possible, most of the time “on the fly” and without a clear structure, but I took mental notes of these almost “random” knowledge imparted “haphazardly” and organized them into a meaningful system that would actually make sense to a “normal” person like myself.

Eventually, I realized that this whole “dating voyance” is based on a deep understanding of female nature, which can be taught and learned — The naturals simply possess it instinctively based on talent and life experience.

As time went by and as I got to know more of these naturals, I became increasingly confident and capable at attracting and dating beautiful women. I didn’t really keep any numbers, but my “score” (so to speak) went up big time.


But I Wasn’t Satisfied,
And I Looked Further… Online

Just imagine my surprise when I found that there is a whole dating & seduction community online!

Boy oh boy… Was I “blissfully” unaware of the technological advances of mankind or what?

To be fair, the internet is such a great invention, but it’s also a black hole. And it relentlessly sucked up my time and energy.

What’s more, the dating knowledge online tends to be disorganized, fragmented and unreliable. On top of that, I frequently came across conflicting ideas, theories as well as actual experiences shared by different men.

Despite all that, I bought books, CDs, DVDs and almost any product I could get my hands on; I attended seminars, boot camps and actively participated in forums; I devoured dating knowledge without end and tested them religiously whenever I could…

There was good news and bad news.

The good news was, many of the ideas I had picked up here and there began to fall in place and started to form a meaningful system, especially after I had been introduced to so-called “structured games” that typically employ lots of acronyms and routines; Previously unrelated concepts were now connected and made sense to me; I felt I could see the dating dynamics more and more clearly.

The bad news was, a lot of these teachings were superficial – not that they were shallow, misleading — but that they were frequently “cookie-cuttered” and stayed at the surface. Experts or instructors taught students WHAT TO DO often without clearly explaining the underlying WHY, and they rarely mention what is the female psychology involved in a given situation, why a technique had worked in a particular instance and in what situations it might  not work.

And here’s what most “fans of structured games” don’t realize: The “stars” in this game – the REALLY good PUAs (pick-up artists) among all “players” — are, without exceptions, masters at female nature and behavior.

It’s easy to mistaken them as men who merely practiced and perfected their routines or techniques (as their techniques and routines frequently overshadows their understanding about female nature), but the truth is, they understand women so well that they always know what’s going on and how to adapt their tricks to suit any particular situation.

The top guys never treat their routines as the game itself. They know that the techniques are merely weapons. What’s more important is to how to use them, and that knowledge is based on the knowledge about women. That’s why even if you take away their tricks and routines, they’re still good with women.

So as you can see, even in structured game, what separates the skillful from the average is STILL the ability to understand female nature — and that is exactly...


The Deciding Factor Of Your Dating Success

You see, humans often work very much like a piece of machinery and human’s actions are often predictable based on the input. With the same input you almost always get the same output, exceptions aside. For example:

  • When someone accidentally bump into you and say “sorry”, you’d probably say “that’s alright” – and both of you would say so without even thinking.
  • When someone gives you something valuable, you’d feel an urge to repay them
  • When people clap during a concert, you’d clap with them AUTOMATICALLY without thinking

There are similar principles that apply to female nature and behavior, which is the “hidden plot” that is CONSISTENT across all stages of interaction between a woman and a man.

As long as you have an in-depth understanding of female nature and behavior, you’ll hardly need to memorize any structures or lines.

Think about it:

  • If you can read a woman’s mind, you’ll always know the best course of action, and as long as you know what a woman would respond to in a particular situation, you don’t need to worry about any “sequence” or “routines”.
  • If you always follow routines or structures WITHOUT understanding female nature and behavior, you’re bound to run into confusing situations and not knowing how to handle them.


Unfortunately, Most Men Do Not
Understand Female Nature Well…

Over the last few years as I gave out advice to men who sought help, I can’t help noticing the following glaring problems in most men’s dating life — Take a look below and see if you’re plagued by any of them yourself:

Frequently puzzled by women. Don’t know why they do all those “bizarre” things. Don’t know why techniques they learn don’t work the way they “should”.

Getting cold feet on the spot and being at a loss of what to say or do, no matter how much you’ve learned  how well you have prepared

Having learned a couple of “dating tricks” here and there but they just don’t work out as well as they should

Feeling things are out of control. Do not feel certain at all where things are going when being with a woman and feel powerless and unable to move things in the direction that you want.

Overwhelmed by an excessive of dating knowledge out there which is often disorganized and conflicting. Not being able to form an organized system that you can rely on

If you’ve ever encountered one or more, you’re not alone. But you gotta realize one thing…


It’s Not Your Fault!

Here’s why:

The Misrepresentation Of Popular Culture

In movies, novels, TV series, etc., most women all fall for the loving and caring “nice guys”. Men are always supposed to court a women and women are supposed to remain cool and the judging whether to ACCEPT a man or not.

The truth is, pop culture has a profound effect on our daily lives, and men and women often think and behave as if they are in a family movies. This is the so-called “social conditioning”.

But the reality is often very different. If you follow the principles taught in popular culture and follow the crowd, you’ll get a real slap in the face sooner or later.


What Women Say And How They Act
Can Be Dramatically Different

 Women may declare to you or their girlfriends what they like in one minute and fall for the opposite the next minute… The interesting thing is, women can be totally UNAWARE of this themselves, so we can’t really blame them, because they can’t help themselves! (In fact, men are often like that too.)

Have you ever felt attracted to someone you “shouldn’t” be attracted to? Have you done something you thought you would never do but have done it anyway? And then you find excuses for yourself and justify it? Well, women do that ALL THE TIME. It’s called “backward rationalization”.

To make matters worse, women may exhibit the SAME behavior because of DIFFERENT reasons and may also act very DIFFERENTLY out of the very SAME motive.

It’s more important is to understand female psychology BEHIND their actions and the UNDERLYING principles of the techniques used in different situations and on different women.


The Wrong Advice Given By
Incompetent Dating Experts

I realized that this is one of the biggest reasons I don’t like to be called a “dating expert”. Whenever guys ask me for advice, I always remind them that the actual situation can be different from what we had discussed and the important thing is to understand what’s going on and pick the right strategy that fits the actual scenario.

And that happens to be the problem of most dating experts.

You see, most of these so-called experts only tell you WHAT to do and seldom explain the underlying principles of WHY. The actual situation can be very different from the “general case” and one has to apply a completely different principle.


A System That Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

I was extremely lucky to have received guidance from many friends who are exceptional with women – “naturals” and “trained” alike – and eventually I started sharing with other men what I learned over the years.

And I also started to created a system that integrates both the gifts from the “naturals” and the structured knowledge taught by “the trained experts”.

I incorporate everything I learned about female nature and behavior into a concise and reliable system that anyone can quickly digest and develop the power of “seeing” exactly what women want in every situation and know exactly what to do and say to attract and date them.

I kept adding components to it and discarding what I felt was unnecessary, redundant or fallacious according to my own testing, and I obtained valuable feedbacks from my “natural” friends based on their personal experiences.

Not surprisingly, I call it “The Dating Voyance System”:

What Is “Dating Voyance” All About?
And How Is It Different?

In short, Dating Voyance is about knowing what’s going on, what to do and what will happen in any dating situation.

This is achieved through a deep understanding of female nature and behavior so that you’ll be able to know the right thing to say and do in MOST cases (Nothing will guarantee 100%), exactly like the skillful “naturals”.

However, Dating Voyance is NOT for everyone, because it has a specific focus on understanding women so that you’re not constrained by the FORMALITY (i.e. tricks, routines, etc.) of pick-up.

Although I will be teaching the specific “how to”, my focus is not “tricks and techniques”. That means, if you’re a “hard core” routine-based structured-game follow or if you have little regard for female psychology, then this is probably NOT for you.

Should you get Dating Voyance?

  • If you’ve ever felt confused and frustrated by women’s “unreasonable” behaviors or if you’ve ever find yourself at a loss of what to do next
  • If you’ve ever felt things are getting out of control and you’re totally uncertain of what’s going on
  • If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the seemingly endless dating knowledge to learn and don’t know who you should listen to

... then Dating Voyance will help you get rid of those problems once and for all.

That being said, you’re still the only one who knows the answer and the only one who can make that decision for yourself.

"It Has Been A LONG TIME Since I've Seen Something As Good As This"

Hi Martin,

The material you have here is DYNAMITE. The clever use of analogies to break down the complexities of female psychology is one of the reasons why I would WHOLE HEARTEDLY recommend this to anyone who wants an ACCELERATED education to succeed with women and dating.

It has been a LONG TIME since I've seen something as good as this. I like it... A LOT. No fluff, no filler, just straight up, to-the-point SOLID content from the word "Go!"

Great job!

Simon Heong

“Dating Voyance” is the culmination and condensation of years of research and testing and contains some of the most exclusive content that you’ll never find anywhere else. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

But don’t worry... Any man, regardless of his looks, age, personality, bank account, intelligence, location, etc., CAN and WILL quickly absorb the information and undergo a dramatic transformation.

Even if you simply go through Dating Voyance, you’ll find dating mysteries that previous baffled you suddenly make sense to you, and you’ll be able to see what’s exactly going with women and their interaction with men around you. Although it still takes practices to fully acquire the ability of “dating voyance”, you’ll immediately see amazing results in your dating life.



You’ll Gain Total Control Of Any Situation
When Interacting With Any Women

You’ll always know exactly what to do to avoid misunderstandings and capitalize on opportunities at the right moment.

You’ll never be at a loss of what to say or do next and you’ll always know the best course of action to achieve the outcome that you desire.

You’ll always know how to generate an irresistible attraction in any woman and subsequently develop a romantic relationship with her if you choose to.

You’ll always know how to push things in the direction that you want… It’s almost like mind control, only that you’re not manipulating her into doing things against her will.


You’ll Gain Total Clarity Of
Female Psychology And Dating Dynamics

You’ll be able to read any woman like an open book and know exactly what’s going on in her mind, even before she does herself. You’ll know she says or does something with absolute certainty and never be puzzled again.

You’ll understand what you had previously done wrong and start to see how futile that most men’s actions are when it comes to dating.

You’ll know why certain techniques work in certain situations, why they break done and don’t work as they’re supposed to and what are the keys to making them achieve the optimal results.


You’ll Save Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Hours Of Learning
And Take The Shortcut To Dating Mastery

You’ll never be overwhelmed with the unending streams of dating knowledge, constantly added technical terms or any disorganized and conflicting information scattered around that would take you hours to sift through.

You’ll know the unchanging fundamentals of dating… As long as you have mastered these, you can leave all those complicated strategies and sequence behind.

You’ll grasp the most critical underlying principles of attracting and dating the women you like and learn how to focus on what really matters and the 20% of knowledge that contributes to 80% of your results.

You’ll be able to slash your learning curve of dating education and become a “new man” who will view the entire world differently.


"Sure To Give Any Man Almost Supernatural Insight Into The Minds Of Women"

My friend Martin Merrill is a unique presence in the world of men's dating and seduction advice... which is a very, very good thing. His masterful way of simplifying that which confounds thousands of men the world over is a true gift.

First he taught us how to succeed with women by making them laugh, and now he's transferring his talent into a more complex work that is no doubt his magnum opus.

Dating Voyance, true to its clever name, is sure to give any man almost supernatural insight into the minds of women.

Scot McKay


Need More Details? No Problem!

In “Dating Voyance”, you’re about to learn:

  • A fundamental truth about the behaviors patterns exhibited by women… Many men fail to realize this and suffer from a wrong attitude towards learning how to attract women
  • The essence of most dating “methods” or “techniques”… When you truly understand this, you will no longer feel overwhelmed by the endless dating knowledge that seems to take a life time to learn
  • The biggest difference between men who are naturally good with women and the average “clueless” men… and how you can CONSCIOUSLY apply the “secrets” of these “naturals”
  • An important but frequently overlooked fact about dating techniques that are currently taught by dating experts… This makes so many men ask the frequent question “Why doesn’t it work?”
  •  “Money can’t buy attraction”, “Looks don’t matter”… You’ve heard of all these before and so many experts say so too… But you also need to know in what situation these “principles” no longer hold true
  • Something about dating techniques that a lot of guys firmly believe in that doesn’t even exist
  • 2 seemingly contradicting qualities about women that most men overlook… It causes tremendous amount of frustration and makes men ask the frequent question “What the hell is going on?”
  • Why do the “best practices” taught by dating experts sometimes fail miserably… And the one surprising fact about the “wrong, stupid and horrible” methods that dating experts ridicule
  • The shortcuts to deducing female nature… Every single man is capable of finding them and you can do this WITHIN MINUTES
  • The biggest mistake men make when meeting (beautiful) women... It’s counter-intuitive and it’s what results in “the harder you try, the harder you fall”

"An Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Strategy"

Martin Merrill clearly understands not only female nature but human nature and in Dating Voyance, he was able to put all his ideas and strategies into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step strategy.

With the knowledge gained from Dating Voyance, anyone can approach and date women without the nagging fear of rejection.

I'm happy to recommend Dating Voyance because I know it will help so many to eliminate self-imposed boundaries and the idea that any woman is "out of your league."

Annalyn Caras

  • The 2 levels that any woman operates on and why one of them is of paramount importance when it comes to attracting and dating women
  • Something that you frequently encounter in your daily life that makes you do things without even realizing it… And you can use it to your advantage when interacting with women
  • A sales technique that’s re-engineered to take advantage of the “loopholes” of the female nature that will handle any potential objection from a woman
  • A “primitive” yet “brutally” effective technique borrowed from MLM, political propaganda and advertising campaigns that can help you attract women by doing just one simple thing
  • A big misconception about non-verbal communication (hint: the popular “7%/38%/55%” was a total misinterpretation of the original research) and one critical factor you must pay attention to when using body language when interacting with women
  • An astonishing fact about women that women themselves will deny… This is one of the most important and beneficial principles of dating and MERELY recognizing this will improve your “game” by a few notches
  • What you need to know about women’s words vs. women’s actions and the one thing you must do EVERY TIME you feel that a woman is acting irrational and doing something that’s BEYOND you
  • A particular quality that 95% of the women possess… Simply KNOWING this will make it much easier for you to deal with women in the future, and it’ll set you apart from most other men
  • Why dating techniques that worked like magic at one place may fail completely on the same girl in a different situation… This accounts for many occasions where men claim “That trick (someone) taught doesn’t work!”… You must know what to do about it
  • 3 things you must know about how women “live by their principles”… This is a shocking fact to most “nice guys” but a piece of “general knowledge” to those who are naturally good with women
  • The reason that accounts for 80% of the cases of women flaking on men… And it’s the very reason why a girl may be totally sweet and receptive on the day when you meet her but cold and bitchy on the next day. (And no, it has nothing to do with Premenstrual Syndrome.)
  • How to deeply attract a woman by capturing her imagination and leading her through a wide range of feelings
  • A disastrous mistake so many men make when it comes to understanding women… This accounts for at least 75% of all the desperate complaints and whining from men
  • What you have to know about social conditioning… Both meant for yourself as well as understanding female nature and behavior
  • How you should handle situations that are “getting out of your control”… Most men are totally lost when attacked by surprise but you must know how to turn negative circumstances into positive ones
  • One thing you must do as soon as you feel an awkwardness developing between you and a woman you’ve just met… Most guys would pretend not noticing it but then it’d get worse and the woman would politely excuse herself… Don’t fall into that trap.
  • What are women’s real attitudes towards sex… It’s not as simple as you may think… And what does this all mean to you

"A Miracle Solution For Any Man Who Wants To Captivate Any Woman He Desires"

Hi Martin,

Dating Voyance" is downright powerful! For years, men have been wanting to know what women really want, what makes them tick, what makes them attracted to any man.

Your product reveals the innermost secrets of female psychology. I would go so far to say that "Dating Voyance" can give you the power to change a woman's DNA.

I believe your course is a miracle solution for any man who wants to captivate any woman he desires.

Michael Lee
Author of "How To Be An Expert Persuader"

  • An unfortunate commonality shared by most women and what you should do as a result of that
  • The truths about the so-called “bad boys” and why lots of women are attracted to them… You don’t need to become one of them but there are many things you should learn from them, and they’re probably not what you think
  • A twisted view on dating shared by many men who are unsuccessful with women… You must never think in this way.
  • The secret hope that women have about dating… It’s counter-intuitive and understanding it will help you overcome many mental barriers of dating
  • The truth about money and power as a result of evolution… This often invalidates a principle many dating experts teach… And something you must do regardless whether you’re rich or powerful
  • A huge mistake that many men make when trying build comfort and trust in a woman… This can be seen as an “overkill” as a result of wishful thinking, and so many men unknowingly become fall victim to it
  • The shortcut of winning trust from any woman… The beggars on the street do something similar… But please don’t start begging women to like you
  • One question that women like to ask that you should never answer directly and 4 model responses you can give
  • A simple thing to do to attract more women into your life… It is similar to the proverbial “chicken and egg” problem, but men who are good with women do this all the time
  • A counter-intuitive fact about the right way to treat women… Hint: sometimes you need to be a bit “nasty” towards women
  • One thing you must never do before you’ve generated enough attraction in a woman and a magical phrase that will help you accomplish 3 things that most men would never achieve
  • Something that women like to do to “test” you… Often they’re not even aware of it themselves, but if you don’t pay attention you may lose them real fast
  • A huge mistake shared by most “nice guys” when it comes to fulfilling a woman’s wishes… And something you should always do whenever you accede to a woman’s requests.
  • One simple thing you can do right away to instantly appear more desirable to the woman you like to attract
  • The 2 types of rapport and the right way to build it in the dating context… Hint: don’t do it the way most salespeople do… And the 4 things you must never do when trying to connect with a woman
  • The right way of being “rude” towards women… This has nothing to do with your social manner but a lot to do with “emotional distance”.

"The Most Illuminating Course About Dating Woman I've Ever Read"

I merely cannot state enough about Martin's work! It truly was the most illuminating course about dating woman I've ever read. Everything he writes is so true, and most guys just don't get it. I believe all men who are determined or dejected should follow Martin's insight.

"Diva Rebecca"

  • A common psychological phenomenon that most women are subject to… And 4 things you can do to take advantage of it in order to make women value you more
  • How to shorten the path to intimacy with any woman… There are 2 elements you need to ensure to make women more open to get close to you fast
  • How women typically make decisions in uncertain situations… And how you can take advantage of it to build instant trust with any woman
  • One thing you should make women do as often as possible in order to make them fell more and more attracted to you
  • A simple technique to measure the level of a woman’s attraction for you… And by doing so you can make her more drawn towards you
  • What you should do whenever you sense discomfort from a woman when you make a request from her
  • A critical concept of dating that most men overlook… This makes them waste 80% of their efforts of trying to attract and date a woman… It takes just only a few minutes to get it right
  • The 5 common “relationship buckets” that most women have to put men in… And what you should do as soon as you meet a woman to maximize the chance of attracting and dating her
  • The one simple thing that turns a thought into a commitment… When you should encourage and when you should avoid it at all cost
  • The fundamental reason why women often act irrational and unpredictable (such as flaking on a man with no good reason)
  • The common mistake many guys make when trying to convince a woman to do something… And what you should do instead to influence women
  • A very effective technique to attract women of stunning beauty and the 3 things that it accomplishes
  • A big mistake many men make when it comes to learning how to attract women… This is also what makes “naturals” more successful even though they may sometimes actually know less dating knowledge
  • A simple fact you need to recognize that will instantly boost your confidence to approach women and handle rejection without a problem

... and much, much more.

"I've Never Heard Such A Clear Break Down Of Female Nature"


I have to say I think you've really got a gem here. I've worked in the field of Dating Advice and Social Dynamics for years and I've never heard such a clear break down of female nature. I feel that readers of Dating Voyance are going to really have an eye opening experience with this.

Most men that I've encountered are clueless to these distinct differences between men and women and how it applies to attraction and dating. Those who do understand it having amazing dating lives. I think you've really hit it on the head here with your unique explanation and understanding of women and dating.

Christian Thorne
Author of "Factors of Attraction"


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With the video edition of the Dating Voyance system, you can simply sit back, relax and let the knowledge sink in as I take you through Dating Voyance step by step.

This is perhaps the easiest way to take this course and will be a perfect solution if you don't like reading or if you are visual person who learn better as you watch things unfold before your eyes.


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Bonus 1: Dating Voyance Checklist ($19.97 Value)

This Dating Voyance Checklist contains a list of carefully selected elements of successful dating. You will maximize your chance of attracting and dating the women you like by following this checklist and implementing them one by one.

In fact, even if you don't achieve all of them, completely the majority of these items will improve your chances dramatically.


Bonus 2: Conquering Rejection ($29.97 Value)

Everyone gets rejected without exception. Some receive it less often and some handle it better.

I won't go into how the best pick-up artists all went through countless rejections and still held their faith, but I do want to remind you that often the most skillful men at dating are exactly the ones that can handle rejection the best.

Where does "fear of rejection" come from?

It's all because of that unpleasant feeling AFTER you're rejected, isn't it? If rejection is not a big deal (which is exactly how the best "naturals" and "trained" look at it), you'd naturally take more action, wouldn't you?

This guide is NOT some feel-good material. It contains tested-and-proven techniques developed upon psycho-therapy practices that deals with phobia cure. You'll be amazed at how effective it can instantly alleviate your discomfort of rejection.


"I Can Tell That You Really Care About Helping Guys"

Hey Martin,

Great product!

I'm more impressed than I expected to be. You provide impressive details about female psychology and don't recall seeing one thing in Dating Voyance that would be classified as a myth or bullshit advice...

I can tell that you really care about helping guys who want advice in their area..

There are tons and tons and tons of dating information out there: overlapping information, flawed information and just flat-out garbage information... You have managed to extract the most useful concepts from different disciplines and put them into an easy to understand course.

CR James


Bonus 3: Dating Phone Skill
($29.97 Value)

Let’s face it... Nowadays the attention of girls (especially pretty girls) are fractured and fleeting. They’re constantly bombarded by new people and new excitement every day.

Sometimes just as you thought you’d “nailed” a woman on a few nights ago but then she suddenly became a different person to you a few days later... It could be because you failed to build enough trust and comfort and it could also be that you didn’t follow up well enough.

You need effective telephone skill to maintain her “buying temperature” so that all your previous work will not go wasted.

But it’s NOT uncommon to see guys (even more experienced ones) have horrible phone skill compared to their face-to-face interactions.

You would hear things like:

  • “I suddenly don’t know what to say...”
  • “What should I talk about?”
  • “I hate those awkward silence...”
  • “It felt so unnatural...”
  • “Because I can’t see her, I don’t know how she’s really responding based on visual cues...”
  • “Should I use text messages instead of calling her?”

... and so on.

Not many dating guides discuss phone skill in detail. What you’re getting here is an quick audio guide on how to handle conversations with women on the phone as well as a special report on using text messages effectively.


Bonus 4: Dating Headaches Solved
($29.97 Value)

This is a collection of the most burning dating questions I received over the years from my students. These are issues that a lot of guys frequently run into and they’re difficult for the inexperienced to figure out a solution on their own.

Statistically, if you haven’t run into any of these problems, you will... sooner or later. And these are the same questions that dating coaches charge big consultation fees for.

If you’re less experienced in dating, then this guide will be dramatically cut your learning curve and save you tons of time, effort and unnecessary frustration.

I’ve put together this clear and easy-to-reference guide so that you know exactly how to easily and swiftly bypass the most frequently-encountered dating traps.


Bonus 5: Cold Reading Guide ($19.97 Value)

Since Dating Voyance is about understanding female nature to achieve an almost "mind reading" ability, it'd be useful to learn some classic "cold reading" techniques.

"Cold reading" is the art and science of telling things about a person (a woman in the dating context) whom you never met before. If you can further relate your own experience to your cold reading of a woman, she would feel deeply connected to you.

It's both fun and useful, especially coupled with the Dating Voyance system.


Bonus 6: The Frog Syndrome ($14.97 Value)

This is a classic report about self-identity — a critical issue that many guys overlook in dating.

You see, every man has a self-image that's slowly formed according to his experience and how other people view him. Most people actually enjoy acting out the role society imposes on them and they strive for a lifetime to protect that image and stay in their comfort zones. That's why many things in life, including many things in dating, are self-fulfilling prophecies.

But the thing is, you'll never grow if you don't step out of your comfort zone. This special report will give you 10-step workable plan to claim the identity that you always wanted but were afraid to fight for.


Bonus 7: Secrets To Getting Her Back
($14.97 Value)

What if you want your ex back so badly that all you can think of is to get her back?

Some men would call this “wuss behavior” but I disagree. Everyone has his own reason to want a relationship back and it’s often a GOOD thing for both the man and woman.

But the thing is, if you don’t do this right, you will lose her forever — and chances are, what you want to do out of your instinct or desperation is exactly what you should NOT do.

This quick guide on rekindling attraction from your ex will give you the critical pointers just in case you need it someday. Better to be ready than sorry right?


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This is a valuable “secret surprising bonus” and this information is only available to the customers of Dating Voyance. I won’t release any more details about it for now.


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"I Think Martin Merrill Is Nuts! His Bombshell Repetition Technique Alone Should Cost $500"

I think Martin Merrill is nuts! His bombshell Repetition Technique alone should cost $500. Use it on any new girl you're talking to, and it'll work like magic. Watch out though, because it will make women fall IN LOVE with you. So definitely use it with care.

You know, I don't recommend products very often, so when Martin asked me to take a look at his Dating Voyance course, you can understand my reluctance. I definitely didn't promise him anything. But in just minutes of checking out the course, I already had to give it two thumbs way up. That's how jam-packed with powerful techniques this course is.

If you want to get good at something fast, the best way to do it is to model those who are successful. You don't just invent concepts in a vacuum. So if you want to be successful with women, you study the "natural" players and do what they do.

That's what Martin's accomplished, brilliantly. He breaks down what the "naturals" do into an automatic system that's easy to understand and put into practice. That's why Martin is one of only a few of the new dating experts I'd trust.

Within just a couple of hours after getting Dating Voyance, you'll see exactly how well its secrets work. Is it immoral to get women this easily?

Secure a copy of this exciting new course right now, while it's fresh on your mind. It has my highest recommendation.

John Alexander
Author, How To Become An Alpha Male


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You can now reserve your own Dating Voyance System risk-free at the current discount price. (PUA Club rebills at $19.95/month after the free 30-day trial. You may cancel at any time.)

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Is This Going To Be Really Expensive?

Here’s a recap of what you’re going to get:

Dating Voyance System   $127
Dating Voyance Video Edition   $49.97
Dating Voyance Audio Edition   $34.97
Dating Voyance Checklist   $19.97
Conquering Rejection   $29.97
Dating Phone Skill   $29.97
Dating Headaches Solved   $29.97
Cold Reading Guide   $19.97
The Frog Syndrome   $14.97
Secrets To Getting Her Back   $14.97
(Secret Surprising Bonus)   $29.97
Life-Time Updates   $19.97
PUA Club 30-Day Free Trial   $49.95

That's a total of $471.62 worth of value and now, for a limited time, you can get ALL of them for only $47...

But here’s the “catch”:

Because I’m just releasing “Dating Voyance”, I need success story from you — So if you promise to send me a testimonial (only if you’re totally thrilled by “Dating Voyance” of course ) on how you’ve dramatically improved your understanding of female nature as well as your dating skills, you can get it now for only $47.

I expect testimonials to flow in quickly and once I have received enough, I will raise the price.

And keep in mind... All private students all paid premium fees to learn the same stuff (in less organized format, actually) so you’re getting an amazing deal already.


You Don’t Need To Decide Now: Here’s Your
No-Risk 8-Week 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just to make this even easier for you, I've decided to give you an 8-week, unconditional 100% money-back guarantee, because I really want to prove Dating Voyance to you.



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Limited Offer:

You can now reserve your own Dating Voyance System risk-free at the current discount price. (PUA Club rebills at $19.95/month after the free 30-day trial. You may cancel at any time.)

Acceptable payments include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Eurocard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB. You can order at any time even if it's 2AM in the morning.


"One Of THE CLEAREST Resources To Devour"

I've always known Martin to be a leading authority on making women laugh. So I thought... well, he's obviously good at humor and that's about all he can teach men... Boy, was I wrong. His Dating Voyance course gives you a true lowdown on what makes women tick.

The most impressive part is how he can break this down logically for us all to understand.

If you've ever had the burning questions of why women are acting "strange" and making your dating life so hard, this is one of THE CLEAREST resources to devour. Here are three key pieces I particularly liked about his course:

1. Exact and original lines he uses to disarm women who ask tough questions like "how many girlfriends have you had?". Some of his responses are straight-up hilarious that you'll be itching to use.

2. How to have her spend money on you and truly not feel guilty about it. Beautiful concept :)

3. Why women act the way they act by giving you real-life examples of how men think as an illustrated analogy. Aha moments galore - this was gold for getting it!

He even explains something I personally do in dating which is pounding your personality into her liking through repetition. I love how he has articulated it to teach everyone else.

Inside, he illustrates key reasons why ugly men can attract beautiful women without money or trickery and have done it time after time. It blows away misconceptions that 90%+ of men have.

Whether you're simply single or even recently divorced, I really see this course giving men a major confidence boost in understanding female psychology. You really have no excuse to not use this stuff -- plus you'll never turn back!

Ray Shiri


Just Imagine…

Your dating life will not be the same again.

From today onwards, you’ll never be puzzled by women’s seemingly illogical words and actions ever again. You’ll be empowered with the ability to know exactly what they’re attracted to and exactly what to say or do to make them fall in love with you.

And you’ll NEVER get confused again by the sea of dating knowledge out there that seems to take forever to learn, because you’ll once you grasp what really matters, you’ll NEVER have to memorize another line or worry about what you have not learned or have missed.

No more nervousness, uncertainty, awkwardness or fear of rejection… ever again.

Just imagine… You can confidently approach, attract and date any woman, whether she's pretty, average-looking, hot, boring, sexy, tall, short, smart or sporty... Because you’ve acquired the amazing ability of “dating voyance”.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you DON’T have to JUST imagine.

All you need to do is to give yourself a chance to try out “Dating Voyance”. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast you can learn and “become like a different man”.


"If Any Man Can Read "Dating Voyance" And..."

By exposing the "rational reactions" of women towards men Martin Merrill has bridged the gap from the "rational reactions" and the "irrational reactions" most men face when approaching and dating women. "Dating Voyance" is a quick study of how men can more purposely gauge action to reaction, attraction to disinterest and the ability to decode her subconscious mannerisms to the real event as it happens during a man's approach.

"Dating Voyance" is a serious expose of "social conditioning" in that the current standards of male/female relationships are turned on their head to be better understood by men. Learning the truth of "marketing" men to women is an absolute in this day and age. A woman is not a product of a man's assumptions, which has been the guiding force of many dating advice manuals for men so far.

If any man can read "Dating Voyance" and say at the end he hasn't learned anything about women, and how to date women, he needs to check himself in for serious psychiatric care to get help to evaluate and validate his existence and to begin to understand how in reality he is a part of a world that does not run according to his perceived rules involving himself and those around him.

Robert Lee


Let Me Ask You This Final Question…

If you could achieve just 50%... or even just 20% of what Dating Voyance can help you achieve, is it at least worth trying out for the price of a large pizza (or two movie tickets plus popcorn)?

And remember, if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay.

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Limited Offer:

You can now reserve your own Dating Voyance System risk-free at the current discount price. (PUA Club rebills at $19.95/month after the free 30-day trial. You may cancel at any time.)

Acceptable payments include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Eurocard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB. You can order at any time even if it's 2AM in the morning.


Yours Sincerely,

Martin Merrill

P.S. “Dating Voyance” is a one-of-a-kind dating system uniquely developed based on the sharing of guys who are naturally good with women AS WELL AS the structured teachings of “trained dating experts”. It will empower you with the ability to know exactly what to say or do to attract any woman you like… 100% guaranteed.

P.P.S. You don’t need to decide now, and you don’t pay a single cent if you’re not thrilled by “Dating Voyance”. The 8-week unconditional guarantee means that you can get all your money back even without a reason if you choose to, with no hassle and no delay. All you need to do it to give it a try. This is a truly no-risk offer.

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